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Over 30 Years

Of Experience

Behind The Wheel Training

The Academy of Driving 
619 Hovey Way 
Roseville, CA, 95678
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A Message From The Founder

To my parents who have a new upcoming driver,

My name is Mauricio Arce I am the founder of The Academy of Driving. Through my experience with the DMV, my own personal family experience and being a driving instructor for not only my own school but with another local driving school. I have seen what it takes to develop a new generation of new safe drivers. 

Before I opened up The Academy of Driving I served as a DMV examiner for 30 years throughout the state of California. I have administered driving exams from Sacramento all the way to Los Angeles in various field offices. I have first hand knowledge for what it takes to determine if the applicant is a qualified safe competent driver. 

Even though I was a driving instructor for the state of California I would always warn my students of the risks of driving. I would always warn my kids of the dangers, the risk and the consequences of driving. I would always say to them that driving is a privilege not a right. As a loving father and a licensed registered examiner I told my kids especially my son to not speed or text while driving. At the age of 19 my son went to go visit his girlfriend in Monterey late at night and flipped his car off the freeway. Now fast forward twenty years later I convinced him to join ranks and teach students with his experience.

After I retired from the DMV I ended up working as a driving instructor for a local driving school. In 2011 working for a few years, I realized I could combine my knowledge as a driving instructor and as a examiner to create a driving school that is focused on the parents but is fun and interactive with the students. The Academy of Driving created an environment that focuses on safety, yet gives you the chance to get one more step of responsible independence. 

I invite you to take the steps toward your driver's license and road to success for safe driving! Thank you, The Academy of Driving Be the Best or Drive like the Rest!

Mauricio Arce 

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